Evolution E-Cycling, LLC is a fast-growing Pennsylvania based ITAD and electronics recycling company that is incorporated, bonded, and permitted in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2011. As a leading IT Asset Disposition industry, we are R2v3, and RIOS certified. Evolution E-Cycling is a locally owned and operated business in Pittsburgh PA. We pride ourselves on the most professional and economical repurposing and recycling services in the industry.

R2v3 Certified

Go green with confidence: We’re R2v3 certified for responsible electronics recycling!

Looking for an IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) partner committed to the highest sustainability and security standards? Look no further! Our R2v3 certification signifies our dedication to responsible electronics recycling practices. Unlike lesser standards, R2v3 focuses not just on recycling, but also on data security, worker safety, and environmental responsibility. It means your old devices are processed ethically, with secure data destruction, environmentally sound practices, and fair working conditions. Think of it as the ultimate assurance that your ITAD partner prioritizes both the planet and its people. Choose R2v3 certified ITAD – it’s the smart choice for a greener future and secure data disposal!

Rios Certified Recycler

RIOS Certified Recycler

Rest assured, we prioritize responsible recycling with RIOS certification!

The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) is like a triple threat for eco-conscious customers. It’s a globally recognized program that ensures we meet the highest standards in quality, environmental responsibility, and worker safety. So, when you choose us for IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), you can be confident your electronics are recycled ethically and securely, minimizing environmental impact and protecting workers’ well-being. Think of it as a gold star for responsible recycling, giving you peace of mind that your data is wiped clean and your old devices get a new life without harming the planet. Choose RIOS-certified ITAD – it’s good for you, good for the environment, and good for everyone!