Who We Serve

Evolution E-Cycling has more than a decade of experience in helping businesses and enterprise-grade customers with all of their electronic repurposing goals. We recover and reclaim retired IT and electronic equipment, and we provide data destruction services to commercial and non-commercial businesses and consumers. The proper handling of outdated electronic components has an impact on all aspects of industry. With the steady growth and innovation of technology continuously bringing new products and devices onto the scene, electronic devices are becoming obsolete more rapidly than ever. Though laws vary state by state, most states require companies to dispose of their dated electronics by bringing all retired equipment to a facility that specializes in recovering precious materials and the ethical surrendering of non-reusable matter.

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Evolution E-Cycling guarantees the safe and proper methods of repurposing industry IT materials.

Our experienced representatives take the necessary time to consult with your company and assess your IT assets, making sure all your outworn equipment will be expertly packaged and prepared for upcycling and proper dismantling.

We are proud to serve not only the businesses of southwestern Pennsylvania, but also every regions’ rich ecological environment, as we continue the effort to establish a more eco-conscious world where we can progress without jeopardizing the communities we live in.

Our Mission: Evolution E-Cycling is an IT solutions company that provides its clients with industry-leading, professional, and environmentally safe electronic asset repurposing and data destruction. We refurbish and remarket IT hardware such as computers, electronic components, commodify scrap, and refine precious metals.