Our Approach

At Evolution E-Cycling, we support the ethical and legal reclaiming and converting of electric materials as we strive for a more environmentally sound planet. We’re here to support your organization’s electronic reprocessing and refurbishing needs and goals. We work with our clients to provide leading recapitalization services, offering drop-off locations and pickup options, as well as onsite data destruction, and certification of recycled materials.

We process all materials domestically, ensuring that our reconverting solutions are as sustainable and ecological as possible. Through our refurbishing and disassembling methods, all materials and devices are properly sorted and processed.

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With sustainability being our top priority, any and all recoverable components are processed in a manner that is responsible and efficient.

Toxic and harmful materials used in electronics are extracted and conscientiously disposed of in accordance with Pennsylvania regulations.

The variety of IT and other electronic materials that Evolution E-Cycling processes and safely dismantles is helping move our society into a more environmentally responsible planet. Our company culture is all about professionalism and leading enterprises to continue to remain innovative and eco-conscious.

We’re here to support businesses and consumers alike. Evolution E-Cycling makes it simple and efficient to retire your outdated equipment and devices.

  • Permitted and Certified
  • Domestically processed materials
  • Documented chain of custody for processed and recycled e-waste
  • Drop-off locations and pickup service available
  • Effective and safe destructions of materials

Evolution E-Cycling is a groundbreaking computer and electronics recovery company based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our certifications include R2, ISO 14001, and ISO 4500. We’re proud to provide industries and consumers with safe and expert retired electronic reprocessing and data destruction services. At Evolution E-Cycling, we’re dedicated to properly disposing, refurbishing, and refining electronic elements.

Retired equipment, which includes desktop and laptop computers, monitors, televisions, and much more, can have severe negative impacts on the environment if not properly handled. Electronics contain both toxic and hazardous chemicals, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. If not processed appropriately, these materials can infiltrate our water, land, and impact our air quality. Most states, including Pennsylvania, prohibit companies from disposing of their electronic products in landfills. Our process makes it simple and efficient for your company to adhere to your state’s electronic disposal regulation. Evolution E-Cycling process retrieves reusable materials from industry devices to be reused and repurposed.

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The safety and security of our clients’ sensitive data is also a crucial part of our mission.

Our secure data destruction services ensure that when we recycle electronics, your company’s and clients’ or customers’ data is safely and appropriately destroyed to protect all your sensitive information. Evolution E-Cycling is committed to bringing you a secure process, as we understand how in many circumstances, classified files must stay on your company’s grounds. We professionally and properly protect private information, while recovering reusable items from your electronic and IT goods.

We process all recycled devices and materials domestically, and our entire chain of custody is documented and available for review. Evolution E-Cycling will provide your business with certification of data destruction and of your out-dated electronic equipment for documentation.

As part of our devotion to sustainability, Evolution E-Cycling is permitted through Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection. Our mission is to offer the best and professional IT reclamation and data destruction services

Sustainability and preservation are Evolution E-Cycling top priorities. Technology is ever evolving and with new technology coming out, we understand that innovative devices and products are important to staying cutting edge and making sure your company is advancing.

Our dedication to sustainability ensures that your retired equipment is being disassembled, destroyed, and reclaimed appropriately to Pennsylvania regulations.

Remaining environmentally responsible also means being responsible for data saved onto discarded electronics. As professionals who have set out to help provide companies and communities to advance technologically, we understand the importance of data protection for your clients and company’s personal safety and well-being as well. Data destruction is just as important as refurbishing antiquated technology, as it protects private and sensitive information.

At Evolution E-Cycling, our diverse, experienced team is dedicated to creating opportunities of growth for your business.