Evolution E-Cycling Process

Evolution E-Cycling makes it easy for businesses to efficiently and safely upgrade materials, even if your organization has a large quantity of electronics that need to be recycled or repurposed. Through the Evolution E-Cycling process, you’ll be able to remain cutting edge in your industry, while supporting sustainable practices in the process. These solutions make it possible for your company to forge ahead in its IT objectives.

icon of a cart with a box and checklist

For your convenience, arrange a pickup, where we can secure your obsolete hardware for you or drop off your at our Mary St location.

When partnering with Evolution E-Cycling, we keep track of all serial numbers and items you are retiring as to provide you with any necessary documentation.

Our data destruction and backup tape degaussing can be provided onsite to protect your sensitive information, ensuring your data stays within your facility. We can also provide authentication for any data destruction as well. Our priority is giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe and that your retired equipment is being properly handled.

After any information destroyed or hardware collected will be evaluated at our location. Precious metals and raw materials will be extracted, such as gold, copper, aluminum, plastic, and glass. These elements can all be repurposed. Harmful toxins are removed like lead and cadmium are removed and manufacturers can reuse these elements as well, without any toxins being brought to a landfill where they would pollute the water and soil.