Hard Drive Destruction and Overwriting

At Evolution E-Cycling, we provide data destruction to keep your private information secure. Our professional services ensure your data is protected. One method we deploy is using the SEM Model 0101 “Sledgehammer” hard drive crusher. This machine physically destroys retired hard drives. It delivers 12,000 pounds of for to any hard drive, causing irreparable damage that destroys the internal platter. Once destroyed, data from that device can no longer be recovered.

For businesses, we can easily bring this machine to your facility to guarantee all your protected data is effectively destroyed. The safety interlock prevents the crusher from dispensing while the door is open and there is an emergency e-stop that when pressed, instantly suspends operation of the machine. Other safety features that make it convenient to bring to your company are that it is quiet and that the chamber is only big enough to fit hard drives.

For no extra cost, Evolution E-Cycling can also provide a certificate of destruction upon request.

Overwriting is also available in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22.) standard of 3, 5, and 7 overwrite passes. The DoD 5220.00 standard means that a company’s software has been written over with a three-pass procedure that prevents data from being recovered.